Medication for ADD or ADHD?

A controversial topic that often leads to conflicts in families. 

Understandable, because many children and adolescents are treated incorrectly with medication. 

You are unsure,

  • how to deal with your childs ADHD-difficulties?

  • what can help you. But in such a way that you don't have to interrupt your normal everyday life and job? 

  • how a medication that has been prescribed to you works? 

As a medical doctor, I can explain to you clearly and without using technical terms: 

  • Which diagnostics make sense?

  • which therapy can be helpful?

  • Can a medication be useful?

  • Which medications are not addictive and do not negatively alter your personality? 

Please feel free to book a short initial conversation to find out whether I can help you.

Duration: 10 to 20 minutes; Billing GOÄ (german medical).


Every child is unique - even those with ADD/ADHD!

That’s why accurate diagnosis and individual treatment are important. 


Does your child have side effects from the AD(H)D medication? 

hardly has any appetite 
too quiet, sad, anxious, "zombie-like“?
personality changed, more irritabel?
sleeping disorders?


You should not accept side effects! 

Describe the difficulties you have observed to your doctor in detail.



If you cannot get adequate help from your doctor, my private medical consultation can be a solution to your child's problem. The consultation takes place via video call with you and your child together. 


Using a new method, I quickly record your child's situation in all important details. I will update your child's diagnosis and recommend sensible treatment without any stressful side effects. 


My qualification as an ADHD specialist 

  • As a specialist and senior physician, I have been an expert in the very individual treatment of ADD and ADHD in children and adolescents for > 10 years. I have successfully treated > 3000 children with ADHD. 

  • Every child is different and treatment needs to be just as personalized. 

  • I know many treatment options for ADD and ADHD. Not every child needs medication. 

  • In the area of ​​medication there are many different options that I know well. 

  • I take a close look and give you detailed and concrete recommendations. 

  • I speak to you and your child in an appreciative and easy-to-understand manner (no technical terms). 



I check carefully whether medication makes sense.

If yes, then 
without side effects
without personality changes
without risk of addiction 


Process of Treatment

1.  We will clarify the formalities with you (email/videocall) and find out   whether I can help you. 

2.  You will receive some individually tailored questionnaires. 

3.  We will discuss your situation in detail in a video consultation. 

4.  I will give you my recommendation in a doctor`s note to your local doctor's office. 

About my team + me

Since working as a senior physician at the University Hospital of Aachen, Germany (until 2014), I have been an expert in mental health impairments in children, adolescents and young adults.

We treat according to the latest scientific findings and always very individually. We support you primarily with methods that help you help yourself.

Unfortunately, psychotherapy with weekly appointments is not possible with us. However, we would be happy to advise you as to whether, in our opinion, such psychotherapy makes sense in your case or not.

My outpatient practice is located in the Medicum medical center, Kornblumenweg 1, 33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. You can also visit me in my private practices near Munich and Salzburg or via my video consultations worldwide.